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Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Services




Our team has extensive experience in the field of workers’ compensation and rehabilitation and specialises in conducting independent clinical psychological assessments, workplace factual investigations and combined comprehensive assessments. Our clinician’s experience also encompasses the provision of complex claims advice to human resource and rehabilitation personnel.


Independent Clinical Psychological Assessments

Independent Clinical Psychological Assessments are designed to examine an individuals’ current psychological functioning subsequent to alleged workplace stressors in the context of a claimants’ lodgement of a workers’ compensation claim for a psychological injury. The assessment involves a clinical interview, objective measures of symptomatology and psychometric testing, with the goal of providing an expert independent opinion regarding the individuals’ diagnosis, prognosis and recommendations regarding treatment and occupational capacity.

Workplace Factual Investigations / Stress Claims

Our team has extensive occupational health and safety, workers’ compensation and rehabilitation, industrial relations and common law knowledge and has been providing investigation services into psychological injury workers’ compensation claims for almost a decade years. The Workplace Factual Investigation culminates in a comprehensive report which provides an independent and objective view on the individuals’ current status, likelihood of future re-injury and recommendations for rehabilitation and re-integration into the workplace.  The investigations are tailored to meet quality and compliance requirements and to assist organisations to gain a greater understanding of the factors involved in the workers’ compensation claim in order to assist in making an informed decision regarding liability.

File Review and Complex Claims Advice

Our clinicians specialise in providing File Reviews of Complex Cases to private and public sector clients across various industries including government, transport, emergency services, finance and health. We also have extensive experience in providing expert advice on complex rehabilitation and case management issues. Our team use a structured decision making approach based on known risk and protective factors, in both static (e.g., historically known to increase risk of injury/absence) and dynamic terms (i.e., amenable to change/management) in order to assist with promoting a sustainable return to work. We also provide case conceptualisation regarding the injured workers’ strengths and protective factors, which are subsequently linked to motivational engagement factors in order to promote optimal occupational rehabilitation outcomes.

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