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Corporate Psychology Services

Dr Simone Shaw has extensive experience in conducting organisational health reviews, executive and leadership coaching, team building and wellness programs. She also has expert knowledge and experience in the identification and management of psychosocial risk profiles within teams and organisations and has an in-depth understanding of group dynamics and facilitation skills, enabling the implementation of group interventions to improve these profiles.

Given her diverse background in clinical psychology, neuropsychology, workers’ compensation and rehabilitation and corporate psychology, Simone has a unique skill set that enables her to balance individual and organisational needs to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for key stakeholders. Simone is a dynamic and energetic facilitator who harmoniously balances her humour and humility during presentations. She is highly engaging and integrates her clinical and corporate knowledge in an effective manner to match participant learning styles and needs.

Leadership Development Programs

Simone has experience in developing and facilitating a range of leadership development programs and workshops for both government and private sector agencies, on topics including:

  • Energising from conflict
  • Supportive leadership
  • Hazard management and action planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Managing complex issues in the workplace
  • Workplace health and safety and industrial relations

Simone also has experience in undertaking 360 degree feedback processes with junior, middle and senior leadership teams and individuals and has provided executive coaching to executive managers and CEO’s within various industries including: government, transport, emergency services, finance and health.

Team Interventions

Simone has developed and facilitated a range of workshops for teams within government and private sector organisations, including:

  • Supportive teams
  • Wellness workshops
  • Effective time management
  • Understanding mood disorders
  • Building high performing teams
  • Personal resilience
  • Organisational resilience
  • Help-seeking and providing support
  • Mental health and organisational change
  • Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

Individual Services

Simone has experience in the provision of professional services and clinical support in the management of psychological injuries in the workplace, relating to:

  • Pain management
  • Coping skills training
  • Stress management
  • Substance use disorders
  • Critical incident debriefing
  • Performance management
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Adjustment to injury counselling

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Leadership Experience

Simone has several years experience working in Executive Leadership and Director roles. Simone sat on the board of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) College of Clinical Neuropsychologists, Brisbane Branch as Secretary in 2009-2010. Additionally, Simone has filled various executive leadership positions within the health industry in the private sector, including Managing Partner, Divisional Manager, Director and Company Secretary.

Within these roles, Simone has provided executive coaching, mentoring and clinical supervision to over 50 consultant psychologists. She has also provided direct line management of administration teams, including conducting performance management and annual appraisals. She is familiar with the challenges of providing clear leadership, management and vision to ensure that companies have the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures and people systems in place to effectively grow organisations to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Corporate Psychology Services

Simone provides the following corporate psychology services to private, government and not-for-profit organisations across various industries:

  • Education and Training:
    • Wellness and resilience workshops
    • Understanding and managing mood disorders in the workplace

  • Executive Coaching:
    • Effective time management
    • Balancing supportive and strategic leadership
    • Motivating and leading your team
    • Complex people issues

  • Other Services:
    • Coping skills training
    • Stress management
    • Substance use management
    • Adjustment to injury counselling

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